Volcano in Guatemale
Beautiful Volcanoes in Guatemala, Central America

Central America is the large area of land located between North and South America. Excluding Mexico, there are 7 countries; Belize, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Central America was colonized by Spain around 1540. In 1821 Central American nations declared their independence from Spain. After that, each country developed at their own pace.

There is a main highway that runs south from Mexico to South America…It is known as the Pan-American Highway.  In the southern part of Panama the highway stops and you cannot proceed south, here the terrain becomes swampy and is completely undeveloped, you have reached what is called the Darien Gap. Beyond the swamp is the South American country of Columbia. There are ferries available that run between the Gap and Columbia. Not many people attempt the land trip.

There is lots to do in Central America. As always you should be very careful when traveling, use common sense, always try to prebook your accommodations. Please use the various booking links in this website. Just relax, have fun and take lots if photos.