Honduras mountain photo
The coastal mountain range Le Ceiba, Honduras

Honduras is located in Central America by the Caribbean Sea… Honduras was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1502. At the time, Honduras was inhabited by the Maya but Columbus claimed the land for Spain. Eventually Honduras gained its independence from Spain in 1821. Today Honduras exports coffee and bananas, hence the name Banana Republic.

Honduras is not as famous as the Caribbean islands for tourist attractions, however, Honduras has many great places to visit. Some of these include, Roatan Bay islands, Utila Bay islands, Little French Key, the national parks at La Tigra and Jeanette Kawas, the botanical gardens at Lancetilla and the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve.

In addition to these attractions there are many ancient Mayan ruin sites to visit. These include the Museum of Mayan Sculpture in Copan.

A visit to the Honduran capital city of Tegucigalpa should not be missed. It is a large city of approximately 1 million persons. There are many museums and cathedrals to see and enjoy.

If you visit Honduras be sure to book your hotels ahead of time.

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